benefits of nearshore outsourcing

When it comes to outsourcing, most people think they need to partner with Asian-based providers halfway around the world to reduce their costs. And while there are plenty of quality BPOs in that region, there’s one a little closer to home – Belize.

Latin America offers nearshore, full-service solutions without the challenges posed by distant time zones or cultural disparities. Specifically, Belize has become one of the fastest-growing providers of native English speaking agents with a strong U.S. cultural affinity, making the country ideal for customer service, technical support, and sales outsourcing needs.

One of our partners, Transparent BPO is just such a provider with three locations, each offering employees training opportunities, secure environments, reliable technology, and competitive packages. 

“I believe every touchpoint with the customer is an opportunity to push beyond the expected,” says CEO Scott Newman. “That’s why we push boundaries ourselves to ensure every person’s experience is better than the one before.” 

Since 2005, Belize has been investing heavily in its infrastructure and courting the BPO industry specifically. With strong government support, Belize continues to invest in technology and attracting an educated labor force that is truly bilingual. The workforce is young with attrition below 5% and can provide customer support, data processing, sales, and documentation services. 

Belize’s workforce can also offer information technology outsourcing and knowledge process outsourcing to support companies in growing their business while keeping support costs low. 

Considered a Caribbean nation, Belize is the only native English-speaking country in the region and, as a result, has accent-neutral workers. A stable political environment and steady foreign exchange rates make Belize preferable over the Philippines. Travel time from the U.S. is greatly reduced, allowing more interaction, culture-sharing, and hands-on training. 

Your next outsourcing partner may be closer than you think when you add Belize to your shortlist of countries providing exceptional BPO solutions. Our mission at CX Solution Source is to help clients discover lesser-known, high performing partners who will deliver a better outsourcing experience – just ask!

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