benefits of choosing lesser-known partners

Once a famous adage said, “No one ever got fired for hiring IBM.” The idea was, IBM was big, proven, and a safe bet. Also, it required little to no research as “everyone” was using them, especially in the early outsourcing days.

Decades later, the landscape has shifted globally, but there are still many who believe that the safest move is to hire “the big company,” believing they are a known entity – the safe bet.

But is that inherently true? Sure, large outsourcing providers have impressive client lists, large footprints, and massive call centers, but are they the best, most cost-effective choice for your business? Maybe not.

BPO solutions are expanding throughout the world as technology and infrastructure investments come to fruition. Countries like Belize, for example, have made targeted investments to build a BPO niche for their workforce, and it’s paying off. No longer is it assumed outsourcing would go to India with Guyana, Cairo, South Africa, and others growing their BPO centers.


Why choose smaller, lesser-known partners?

  • a higher level of executive attention and genuine concern.
  • consistent performance delivery.
  • flexibility with contract terms and daily changes to operational approach.
  • lower cost due to lower overhead.


Many countries see outsourcing as a viable way to put young people in roles that will use their education and language skills while providing a career path. Governments are investing heavily in the infrastructure necessary to provide reliable technology, safe working environments, and attractive compensation.

As the outsourcing industry grows in these countries, governments provide incentives to companies while providing quality labor at much lower costs than “the big guys.” Outsourcing companies are eager to serve global markets to prove themselves while growing a niche industry.

Of course, vetting – or discovering – companies that are not as well known may seem daunting; these are precisely the challenges that drive the CX Solution Source team. We are experts at finding the lesser-known partners who will work harder to earn your business while providing quality talent at lower prices. Engage us to find a motivated partner to provide exceptional and individualized BPO for your unique requirements. 


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