managing work from home BPO partner relationships

With so many employees spread out over such vast areas, some companies are having a hard time managing and keeping all facets of their companies organized. This goes double for companies using a BPO Partner, as they also have to make sure the Partner is well updated in expectations, and that the relationship between the two companies stays strong. So while it may seem hard to get everyone on the same page when no ones in the same room, there are some steps that can be taken to make working with a work from home BPO Partner a bit smoother given the circumstances.

The most important thing you can do for your BPO Partner is to centralize all your data and make sure that your Partner has a steady stream of information at all times. With people working from home, information won’t be readily available in one spot like it usually is. Making sure there’s a platform where all your essential info can be found by BPO employees while away from their normal work computer is essential in making sure they are just as empowered as usual, and ready to help your clients. Using some form of cloud based project management tool will make it easy for BPO employees to always go to the same spot for whatever they need.

Clear communication has become another luxury that we used to take for granted, but is now essential for a relationship with a work from home BPO Partner. Prior to the pandemic, it was already important to make sure that a company’s needs and expectations were clearly understood by a BPO Partner, to make sure things ran as efficiently as possible.

Now, with the margin of error so microscopically small for many companies, making sure your BPO Partner is clear on the expectations has become a priority. While they may be a tad glitchy, and laggy occasionally, video chats are currently the quickest and easiest way to communicate between companies. Confirmation emails after video chats aren’t always necessary, but are a nice added measure, to make sure a company and their BPO Partner are always on the same page one hundred percent of the time.

A good way to keep expectations managed and clearly communicated is to set KPIs. KPIs, otherwise known as Key Performance Indicators, are used as a way to track progress in a company. They’re usually used for long-term goals and progress, but during the pandemic, KPIs of any size are a good way for companies to keep both their and their BPO Partner’s agents and managers motivated and on track. KPIs will give employees something to strive for, as it’s a clear goal that can be seen and reached.

Personal KPIs are even more important now with working from home. Without the feeling of working together as an office or as a company, it may be hard to feel satisfaction from the company reaching its goals. But by giving team members personal KPIs it not only gives them something to work for and feel proud of for reaching, but it also gives you the chance to monitor their progress. Doing this with a BPO Partner would allow for regular one-on-ones, as well as follow up meetings. It would assure you that your BPO Partner is working towards a mutually set objective.

Maintaining a strong relationship with your BPO Partner right now is no easy task, but there are some steps that can be taken to assure efficiency while everyone is working from home. And while there’s no doubt that the pandemic has put a strain on managing a business, now more than ever it’s important to be on the absolute same page as your BPO Partner.

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