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We will.. 

1 – Listen and understand your requirements

2 – Identify 3-4 “best fit” partners

3 – Summarize your proposal, solution & cost

4 – Help negotiate a win-win contract

5 – Advise during the launch

6 – Help maintain a healthy relationship


Contact us- you won’t regret it.

Testimonials & Featured Clients

Kirk L. Curtis

Kirk L. Curtis

Vice President, Contact Center Operations @ MedAvail Technologies Inc.

“I recently had the opportunity to work with Tom at CX Partner Source, and it was a great experience from beginning to end. Tom provided support all along the way and was able to connect us with the right BPO partner for our business. As a result, we were able to get the relationship up and running far faster than would typically be the case. Thanks to Tom and the team for being great partners and helping us with our critical business needs!”

Christopher Shafer

Christopher Shafer

Operations @ Counterpart

“I had the pleasure of working with Tom and the CX Partner Source team to help identify a BPO Partner. They saved me time, helped negotiate a rate that worked for everyone, and continues to stay connected within our relationship. I would recommend Tom and CXPS for anyone who wants to simplify the selection of an outsourcing partner – we never would have discovered the partner we selected without Tom and CX Partner Source.”

Nick Misewicz

Nick Misewicz

Vice President of Client Services @ leadPop

“leadPops is in hyper-growth mode and we needed a BPO partner who was flexible enough to support changes in strategy near real-time. Tom and his team at CX Partner Source took us through their process which included a review of several BPO Partners in various domestic, nearshore, and offshore markets. After working with Tom to evaluate each solution, we settled on a fantastic partner in a nearshore market. The contract process took days, and we are now in the middle of launching a support team for our SaaS solution. The confidence and experience that came with CX Partner Source allowed leadPops to make the right decision and truly partner with a BPO, not just hire one. Tom and the team saved us months of work, auditing, and contract negotiations. Providing us a catered solution to our growing pains took much of the stress out of the process and if you don’t look at CX Partner Source as a solution provider for your business, you need to stop what you are doing and pick up the phone and call them.”


clients aren’t from mars and customer care providers don’t have to be from venus  – managing great expectations

clients aren’t from mars and customer care providers don’t have to be from venus – managing great expectations

Good relationships don’t just happen.

They don’t happen in life and they certainly don’t happen in business either. In the corporate world, they take work. They take a lot of work. We’re not talking about transactional relationships where commodities are bought and sold. These associations are one-time or occasional transactions that don’t require a deep understanding of your client’s long-term needs.

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risks of selecting the wrong BPO partner

risks of selecting the wrong BPO partner

Selecting the right BPO partner can be challenging – after all, you are trusting another company with your most valuable resource, your clients. Further complicating matters is the ever-expanding lists of providers from around the globe.

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