risks of selecting the wrong BPO partner

Selecting the right BPO partner can be challenging – after all, you are trusting another company with your most valuable resource, your clients. Further complicating matters is the ever-expanding lists of providers from around the globe. Getting references from colleagues can also be daunting as no other business is exactly like your own.

Luckily, it’s not all doom and gloom. The expanding number of BPO providers can work in your favor to get costs down and quality up, something you may have thought impossible. To help, we’ve compiled a shortlist of potential risks along with mitigation solutions.

The Risks

Loss of Control – Most obviously, when allowing another company to take over a function as precious as customer service, concerns arise. Will the partner maintain your quality? Will they handle customers as well as before? How will you transfer so much knowledge?

Loss of Visibility – It can be uncomfortable to manage people you cannot physically be in a room with, especially if your company has used in-office resources. From adhering to processes to monitoring performance, physical distance can create anxious moments, especially during launch.

Changes in Data Handling – Giving third party access to precious customer data – particularly financial or health data – comes with its challenges. Will the partner stay in compliance? Is data safe from hackers? Will all processes be followed?

Mismatched Culture Fit – When you hand over customer service, you’re not just allowing someone to field issues, you’re also asking someone to represent your brand. How do you know that another company in another country can represent your brand to your standards?

The Solution

With so many vendors scattered across several continents, it would be impossible to vet each of them and mitigate all of these common concerns. For the most part, BPO companies are excellent at their work and have been in business for many years, some decades. Their process, tools, and people are all focused on providing exceptional service when servicing clients who meet their “ideal profile” (akak – large scale).

However, this doesn’t mean that you can throw a dart and choose any partner. Teams like ours at CX Solution Source ensure your priorities match the core competencies of your partner. We have already vetted the portfolio of partners, reducing the selection time significantly and allowing us both to focus on what’s most important to your company. For instance, culture fit might be a top priority for call handling – we can help with that.

Don’t go it alone when choosing your BPO partner. CX Solution Source has a proven methodology to make outsourcing simple with our pre-vetted partners with your unique needs so you can focus on growing your business.

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