what BPO means for startups – is it really worth it?

Today’s start-up companies are undoubtedly working in a hustling environment. Without a traditional nine-to-five job, entrepreneurs work endless hours to beat the odds stacked against them. Many startups are intimidated by the idea of outsourcing, they believe their internal resources will suffice but what happens when it comes time to take more staff on board? […]

reconsidering your customer journey

Is your customer experience as good as you think it is – or is it leaving your customers feeling somewhat frustrated and unsatisfied?  So much has changed, and many companies are retooling their journeys to meet ever-changing customer demands – leveraging technology, optimized processes, outsourcing, crowd support, and other channel strategies to serve customers. The […]

the Philippines is back after COVID19 – see what’s happening

There’s no doubt that the Philippines has been holding the golden torch when it comes to offshore outsourcing. In the last year, however, the pandemic has taken a toll on all of us in the workforce.  How much did it really affect this offshore location? Today we are looking at the advantage of outsourcing in […]