the Philippines is back after COVID19 – see what’s happening

There’s no doubt that the Philippines has been holding the golden torch when it comes to offshore outsourcing. In the last year, however, the pandemic has taken a toll on all of us in the workforce. 

How much did it really affect this offshore location? Today we are looking at the advantage of outsourcing in the Philippines- with or without COVID. 

We first have to acknowledge the undeniable rise of outsourcing. BPO call centers have continued to grow and expand in different cities and regions throughout the country due to the admirable demand in telemarketing and customer care found in the Philippines. This has caused the market to raise prices. 

Remember, countries like the Philippines have a lower cost of living – which usually translates into lower salaries. That’s not the case here. This area is known for its competitive compensation market as outsourcing services rise. 

While COVID-19 has hindered the speed of the region to offer seamless remote-work models, the technical fundamentals of their personalized service remains. 

Nonetheless, the Philippines continues to be the top outsourcing option among its competitors. 

Scott Newman, Founder and CEO of Transparent, says “operating work from home in the Philippines since 2009 has given Transparent BPO a lot of best practices that allowed our team members to continue to serve our clients without interruption during the Covid-19 pandemic. The quality of our WFH team’s work-life balance has been greatly increased, by avoiding extremely long commuting times and lost time with their families.  This increased employee satisfaction and engagement has had a direct result in top-notch customer support to our clients.”

Bottom line: the Philippines is operating at an accelerated rate given the global crisis. To learn more about outsourcing during these challenging times or where to get started, click here

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