what makes a contact center outsourcing partnership work?

As we’ve stated before, managing a healthy contact center outsourcing partnership takes work. The largest component to success is ensuring you have selected the right partner. Unfortunately, “size matters” when it comes to building a successful BPO partnership. Many of our clients initially chose larger BPO firms when they decided to outsource. Although not in all cases, many have since asked us to evaluate other options due to their current partners’ lack of focus and performance failure.

In our view, the characteristics required for a successful outsourcing relationship include shared goals and expectations, strong communication and motivation to improve, and genuine concern for the client’s experience no matter how large the program. Large BPO’s are built for scale and large programs (500+ FTE). Smaller BPO’s have built their models to offer scale, efficiency, genuine concern, and cost-benefit.

If you are not happy with your current partner, we can help you find a partner who “gets it”.



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