when should I consider changing my contact center outsource partner?

Maintaining a healthy relationship with your chosen BPO partner is crucial to maintaining a healthy relationship with your customer. With that said, sometimes it makes sense to change partners or add a partner to help motivate your existing partner to step up their performance.

Most of our clients engage CXSS to help them find the right partner to fit their needs. The three most common motives for doing so include lack of performance from their existing BPO partner when compared to the client expectations, poor communication related to performance failure and plans for improvement, and lack of genuine concern for the client relationship (small fish in a big pond).

In almost all cases, we found that the client was “oversold” on the BPO Partners’ capabilities, commitment, and overall investment to be made into the relationship by the selected BPO Partner.

Our conclusion: it never hurts to understand your options.

We have built our business around sharing information and working with clients to find the right contact center outsourcing partner who can exceed expectations – reach out if you are currently facing any of these challenges with your BPO partner. We can help.


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